Ramp Auto Body in Nelson BC Worst Service Ever!

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After a minor accident, Ramp Auto Body 'repaired' my car and had it towed to me because they couldn't figure out why it was no longer running.

This was after they had my car for 5 weeks when they had assured me it would only take two. ICBC said the work was complete and took away my courtesy car.

Since then I have discovered that the car did not run because Ramp did not know how to scrape their paint away before connecting the main grounds onto the frame. I also discovered a loose bolt dropped into my right front brake system, and a wierd yellow liquid spilled on my spark plugs caused me to have a misfire on a cylinder - so that i had to drive on three cylinders.

I also have a loose ignition switch (from forced turning while the electronics were disabled by the bad grounding), and a broken panel underneath the steering column where they tried to gain access to look at the switch.

Even knowing that I was stranded with symptoms that pointed to their appalling workmanship, they refused to offer any further assistance. Amazingly they preferred to have another shop go over their embarrasing 'repair job' and let ICBC know that they would have to be made accountable for their costly and dangerous errors.

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